Become a member of EBCON can be:
Partnerships, corporations and/or its executives, professionals, self-employeds, politicians, scientists, associations and organisations, which accepts the agenda of EBCON.

The membership is optional.

The members are authorised to attend all national and international EBCON-meetings and within the bounds of possibility to absorb  EBCON for the assistance and consulting in all ranges of economy.

The members are obliged to promote the agenda of EBCON.

The Club consists of active and passive members

ACTIVE MEMBERS can be individuals which are vouched to promote the agenda of EBCON. The admission in the EBCON European Business Club involved by a writing membership application to the president. The leaving involves by a writing notice of resignation or through a decision of the club management

PASSIVE MEMBERS can be companies or individuals, which are promoting the efforts of the club in terms of ideas or are supporting the club financially.

Writing membership application are adressed to the president. The club management decided on the application. The general assembly is the highest club organ. Members of the general assembly are the active members. Passive members can participate in the general assembly and can make a motion, but they have no voting rights.

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