• On the recommendation of heavy hitters from economy, policy and science, we connect premium business contacts regional, national and international in above 70 countries worldwide for ECONOMY  *  BANKING  *  CONSULTING.
  • Cooperate with national governments, local authorities, business federations and relevant  professional associations.
  • Resource consult refer and mediate with international business contacts to forge business expansion
  • Provide audit and certification services to innovative enterprises to promote their organization and competitivness

EBCON services will be active for you when you

  • would like to open up suitable markets outside Germany in which want to sell your products.
  • require market studies and market research to help you to make decisions.
  • want to make contact with efficient distribution partners.
  • want to make use of the services of commercial travellers or dealers.
  • wish to develop cooperations with joint venture partners.
  • want to set up subsidiary companies or branches in growth markets.
  • are looking for qualified personnel for your export projects.
  • wish to conclude or give notice to commercial traveller contracts.
  • wish to make use of export related financing and furthering funds.

But above all the professional acquisition of

  • Foreign customers
  • Commercial travellers or representatives
  • Dealers / Distributors
  • Providers / manufactures
  • Cooperation partners

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